Exchange student in Lj

de pe un grup facebook, cu notarile mele:

You know you are/were an exchange student in Ljubljana when…

1. You've eaten at the restaurant in 6 months 3 times more than in your whole life. DONE
2. You've been to KMS sober once, an experience you'll never ever try to repeat again. DONE..actually i`ve only been once in KMS
3. You tried to learn Slovene language, and quickly gave up (try to pronounce "naročniških", "dlančnikov", or "združuje"…) DONE
4. You became 1.5 kilograms fatter the day you tried your first Burek. NOT QUITE.. my first burek was a meat one, which was really bad. I recommend pizza burek !
5. Going to Sarajevo, Budapest, Venice or Belgrade on weekends was almost normal. Just Sarajevo and Venice
6. When you proposed your friends to go have a meal at the restaurant, none of them could refuse because of financial reasons. You now have awesome memories of dinners with 15 of your international friends at your favorite restaurant. DONE
7. You were amazed when you discovered the coupons system, and still find it incredibly good. DONE
8. You could theoretically go skiing in the morning in the Alps and chill in the afternoon on Croatian beaches. Not sure anyone actually did it, but it could be a goal for the next lucky Erasmus students of U. of Ljubljana. DEFINETELY!!!
9. You drank too many shots of Tequila at Compañeros. ALMOST DONE
10. You thought when you first came to Ljubljana that you could try all the pizzerias in town. No way. :)) TRUE
11. You've never been refused the entrance by the security of a club (at least not KMS) in Ljubljana, ever. If it happened to you, please share your story on the wall ! :)
12. You went to Parlament Pub every Monday. And the Mondays you didn't go, well, you should have. DONE
13. You got lost in the BTC. TOO MANY TIMES.....
14. You had amazing day/weekend/week trips with the Šou. DONE
15. You've wondered why they built three bridges separated from each other by 2 meters. Still, the result is pretty nice. :)
16. Unless you were one of the lucky few, you shared your bedroom with someone else. SHARED OF COURSE
17. You called Metro Taxi around 1234 times, but never heard from the girl answering any other words than : "- Metro Prosim" and "- 5 minutes". DONE
18. You got screwed by the 9pm alcohol restriction, and not only once. DONE
19. You've had your mailbox spammed by [Receptionnews] mails, half of them being requests from students needing a drive between Czech Republic and Ljubljana. TOO MANY PEOPLE GOING TO BRNO
20. You've thought many times that Slovenians may be the nicest people in the world. THEY ARE!
21. You had a tough time trying to figure out the difference of pronunciation between "s", "š", "c", "č", "z" and "ž". IT TOOK A WHILE INDEED
22. When travelling away from Slovenia, you didn't really feel back home until you saw the first Mercator. AND THE FIRST PETROL
23. You drank Laško, or you drank Union, but not both. Not both. LASKO ROCKS!
24. You've been robbed the day you took a taxi other than Metro Taxi. I was well trained! faithful to metro!
25. You got drunk during 2 days with 150 fellow international friends in Kranjska Gora... NOT SORRY FOR MISSING THIS